How to Empower Humans in the Age of AI

"You can run, but you cannot hide !"

“Will a bot take my job?”
“I’m losing control to the machine!”
“How to adapt to the fundamental changes AI brings?”

Artificial intelligence has rapidly evolved from science fiction fantasy to indispensable business reality. AI is projected to enable companies to accomplish tasks unfathomable just years ago. But to capitalize on AI’s enormous potential, leaders need the technical know-how and human-centered mindset to integrate it strategically.

This comprehensive online course provides proven strategies to transform AI into an incredible asset that profoundly augments your team’s abilities. You’ll learn to leverage AI for competitive advantage through building an empowering “Emotional Intelligence mindset” to lead in our AI-powered future.

What will be YOUR take-aways ?

How Prompt Engineering can Maximize AI ROI ?

One of the most crucial skills leaders need to capitalize on AI is prompt engineering – the ability to clearly communicate desired tasks and outcomes to AI systems using natural language prompts. The course will equip you to write highly-effective prompts tailored to your business context so you can maximize value from chatbots, enterprise AI, generative writing and more.

You’ll gain access to proven prompting frameworks including the “A GHOST” protocol. Through hands-on practice, you’ll develop expertise in contextual prompting, formatting prompts for ideal AI output, testing prompts for accuracy, and continuously refining them for improved performance.


How to Develop an EI Mindset to Lead in the Age of AI?

While AI excels at tasks involving speed, computation, and analysis, uniquely human strengths like emotional intelligence (EI), creativity, collaboration, empathy, ethics and contextual understanding are more indispensable than ever before. This course provides actionable frameworks to develop your EI capabilities so you can build inspired, empowered teams poised to thrive.

You’ll learn to foster key states of mind like gratitude, vulnerability, and compassion while honing skills like inspirational leadership and change management. We’ll examine the symbiotic relationship between AI and human talents so you can create an AI strategy focused on leveraging versus replacing your team.

Navigating the AI Landscape Beyond the Hype

The course provides a thorough grounding in the current AI landscape and sheds light on how human and AI skills can work in concert to create results beyond the hype.


You’ll gain an evidence-based understanding of AI’s present abilities and realistic trajectory, equipping you to set achievable goals and expectations. We’ll demystify AI jargon and concepts through relatable metaphors and examples so you can confidently discuss AI and strategy.


Creating an AI Implementation Playbook

The course provides a strategic playbook to implement AI throughout your business, guiding you through planning, stakeholder buy-in, change management, and measuring ROI. We will share real-life use cases, prompts, workflows, and best practices adaptable to your organisation.

Whether you’re an executive, manager, startup founder, or aspiring leader, this course delivers the integrated technical and human skills you need to implement AI solutions that deliver transformative business results through unleashing human potential. Enroll today and futurep roof your business by learning to leverage artificial intelligence as a strategic asset alongside your most valuable capabilities.

Your AI/EI Gurus

Michel Wozniak

Michel is an engineer, international project manager, and AI specialist currently pursuing an MBA in artificial intelligence. He has led major tech projects which lead to hundreds of millions of dollars of savings each year.

Marco Houwen

Marco is a digital and human transformation expert who works as a coach and advisor to CEO’s. He enables companies and leaders to leverage Emotional Intelligence in their organization to embrace the full potential of AI.

With decades of combined experience spanning technology, coaching, and business growth, Michel and Marco’s AI expertise helps leaders maximize emerging technologies for strategic advantage. Their complementary skillsets provide both the technical foundations and human-centered leadership capabilities needed to unlock AI’s potential.

How about starting now ?

Understand, integrate and put in action these skills NOW:

Core AI concepts to separate hype from reality
Develop technical prompt engineering skills
Cultivate an empowering EI mindset for the age of AI
Create actionable playbooks to implement AI solutions
Optimize workflows and measure business impact
Futureproof your career in the era of AI

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