NLP-PRAC: Bandler NLP Practitioner

Richard Bandler

Certified by Richard Bandler

Richard Bandler is the co-creator of NLP (NLP) and has continued to evolve the approach for over 40 years


Validated by the SNLP

The SNLP (Society of NLP) is the official global NLP Society for Bandler trainings, at the source

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A Unique Follow-Up

After our trainings, trainers and assistants stay on the training social groups for 1 to 2 years

Swiss Quality

THE Swiss Quality

Michel Wozniak is a Swiss Federal Trainer, to give you the best quality possible

What is NLP?

NLP is the study of successful behaviors . The world of psychology is interested in what goes wrong with people. NLP, on the other hand, is concerned with discovering , integrating and transmitting what works.

Too often, we hear people who are poorly trained , particularly by following free or low-cost NLP trainings, say that they cannot use NLP on themselves. It is such a shame!

What does NLP bring?

NLP allows you to understand your inner workings through the observation of language and behavior , and to apprehend your automatic responses to life events. Thus, you can identify how you limit yourself and how you generate unpleasant situations in an unconscious way, and how you can give yourself the means to have more choice and freedom .

How does NLP promote autonomy?

Much more than a simple basic training in NLP, the key words of our training are empowerment and accountability . In our courses, after the NLP Practitioner training, we ask you to work on yourselves and be your own testing ground , and we give you the tools and the means to do so. It is only after you have "cleaned outside your door" that the NLP Master Practitioner training leads you to work effectively with others . Remember, it is difficult for a lame person to help another lame person. You yourself must be well aligned and stable in order to be able to truly contribute something to others. It is also possible then to continue with the NLP Coach training.

What are the conditions of the Bandler NLP Practitioner training?

What are the certification requirements?

Quality is the key word in our training. Thus, to ensure that our students will not be “one practitioner among many others”, but indeed an excellent Practitioner, obtaining the Bandler certificate is subject to all the following conditions:

The NLP Practitioner training therefore lasts 81 hours.

Who is the NLP Practitioner Training for?

As an individual, if you feel that the lack of self-confidence or stress is playing tricks on you, or simply that your communication skills are not at their peak, or that you are a victim of your emotions and behaviors, then this training is perfectly suited for you.

As a professional , if you have difficulty communicating , understanding others , creating consensus , negotiating , managing your time or managing your stress , then you will find all the answers in this NLP training course. certifying.

This training is not intended to make you "a successful person", but rather to make you the most authentic person possible in order to achieve the things that are important to you, while making the best use of the resources at your disposal. . The best role model for you is yourself . For example, have you noticed the human paradoxes? If you tell me that you procrastinate (put things off) all the time, however, there is one area where the opposite is true: You NEVER procrastinate to procrastinate. It means that you do have a resource within you for systematic action , but it is being used in the wrong way.

What are the outcomes with NLP?

NLP is not a discipline in itself. It is an attitude that can be applied in any area of life, such as communication, strategy, management, etc. NLP is not therapy!

The opportunities are therefore as numerous as you can imagine. Among our students, we have workers who want to improve their communication skills, business leaders who want to learn strategic communication, managers of multinationals who want to better address their shareholders, TV stars who want to give a more impactful message, politics who wish to improve their strategic visioning capabilities, medical staff who wants to talk more constructively with their patients, professors and teachers who want to be more successful in delivering their courses, students who want to develop effective learning strategies, etc.

What are the objectives of the Bandler NLP Practitioner training?

What are the specificities of our training?

Being a trainer is a vocation, not just a certificate or a title

Michel Wozniak and Nathalie de Marcé are trained at the highest level with Richard Bandler. They actively participate as assistants in the trainings given by Dr. Bandler , and have thus followed a total of more than thirty times the training at the origin of NLP. Michel Wozniak is the only French speaking Master Trainer in the world appointed by Richard Bandler himself, and has been in charge of translating his trainings into French, which has given him a special access to Richard Bandler, to understand with clockwork precision what he does and how he does it.

Two complementary trainers, that's the price of quality

Our main concern is quality . Thus, your accompaniment will be ensured by two very different and complementary trainers who will propose to you in their turn advanced visions of the NLP, and assistants being themselves at least NLP Master Practitioners. We invest in you, and that's the price of quality .

Teaching by example

We have chosen to experience NLP ourselves before transmitting it, because we firmly believe in the power of example . In training, we share these strategies of excellence which have enabled Michel Wozniak, for instance, to be a bronze medalist at the world speed reading championships, to climb 3 hierarchical levels in 6 months in a multinational, to overcome the consequences of a burnout much faster than the average. Nathalie also had an extraordinary professional development, thanks to the application of the principles of NLP.

An absolutely unique follow-up on the training social group

To our knowledge, no other training institution offers a social group on which the two trainers as well as the assistants stay for at least 6 months after a training, to answer questions , to clarify the themes, etc. This resource is invaluable , because unlike other institutes, with us, the end of the training is only the beginning of a real on-the-job learning experience.

Supervised post-training practice

The hours of practice required after the training (10 hours as a practitioner and 10 hours as a client) make it possible to truly integrate the skills and the NLP attitude . We are with you throughout your training course and we guide you to make NLP a daily practice.

What is the detailed program of this training?

Course Content

Introduction à la PNL

Les Systèmes de Représentation
Les ancrages
Interaction et changement
Le Meta-Model™
Les buts bien formés
Les trois techniques essentielles de la PNL selon Richard Bandler
Le Milton Model
Le changement
Les Méta-Programmes
La modélisation
Les ancrages avancés
Les lignes du temps
Les stratégies
L’attitude en PNL

Frequently asked Questions

Our training courses are eligible for OPCO funding for the self-employed, through one of our French partners. Contact us for more information.

However, they are not eligible for the CPF . Indeed, to make a training eligible for the CPF, its curriculum must be highly academic (made theoretical), which is absolutely contrary to the very idea of NLP which is experiential rather than academic. The alterations that should have been made to the content would no longer have allowed us to offer you a pure Bandler experience . If some institutes allow themselves this difference, something that we regret because it jeopardizes the quality of the training, we have decided in agreement with the Bandler team to follow their guidelines and to favor the quality rather than the quantity of learners. . It is a qualitative choice which represents a significant cost for us, but which is in line with our deep values of total quality.

In addition, we are faced with the fact that our customers are spread over a large number of countries: Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, New Caledonia, etc.
Each country has its own training requirements , and often these are not compatible with each other. The Qualiopi certification in France is for example not compatible with the Eduqua certification in Switzerland.

There too, the fact of meeting such and such a standard represents a very significant overload of work, and during all the time that we would take care of administrative problems, we would not be in the process of developing the content and improving the Bandler experience .
In order to ensure the highest standards, our institute is run by Michel Wozniak who holds the Swiss Federal Trainer’s Certificate . This Federal Certificate is the highest level in terms of pure training. Michel is also learning director in the Tony Buzan group, inventor of Mind Mapping, as well as one of the only 5 “Grand Master Trainers” established by Tony Buzan. Among other things, he teaches at the Faculty of Education in Cluj (Romania) and in the Master in Customer Experience for WinsedSwiss. All this to give you the best training experience.

Our training courses are recognized and backed by the SNLP (Society of NLP) which is the global society governing Richard Bandler’s NLP.
There is an impressive number of federations that have been created in recent years. Often, some schools have even created their own federation, which no longer makes any sense. These federations are so personalized by the schools in question, that even an official Bandler training is not eligible according to their criteria, which in itself is very… comical and sad at the same time.

We are faced with the fact that as for most NLPers, our clients are spread over a large number of countries : Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, New Caledonia, etc.

Francophone federations are local phenomena . Being certified by a French federation can be nice when you work with people only in France. But as soon as you work with people in other countries, these federations no longer have any value and are unknown to the battalion. In a world driven towards globalization, this is an important detail. Regardless of the country in the world, even in Brazil, Australia, India or China, SNLP is THE unique and exclusive benchmark for Bandler NLP and Bandler quality, and it directly represents THE ultimate guarantee of quality. It is this guarantee that we offer you, rather than simple recognition at the local level. Also, the SNLP is the only federation that meets the specifications proposed by the co-creator of the approach.

First, because we are a Swiss company. Switzerland is also a very international country.

Another reason is disorientation . It is essential in approaches like NLP to change the frame. This is an integral part of learning . Thus, our courses are given at the foot of the mountain, with pure and fresh air, close to thermal baths, waterfalls, magnificent caves, and lakes.

The price is also a strong argument. Accommodation, as part of our training, is offered in hotels for a very reasonable price.

Access is very easy by car, 2h50 from Lyon, 50 minutes from Evian, … It is also very easy by plane and train.
So you have everything you need to really take a break from your daily life.

What do our students say about the Bandler NLP Practitioner training?

The video below is a Youtube Playlist. There you will find a whole series of testimonials, which you can choose by clicking on the button at the top right of the video. Do not hesitate to consult several testimonials to get a precise idea (most of them are in French).

What are the next dates for the NLP Bandler Practitioner in English?

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