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Contribute to the world by training with us!

When you buy with us a Bandler certified training in NLP or a Buzan certified training, you also offer a Buzan certified training (value approx. 500 francs) to a teacher in a French-speaking underprivileged country, so that not only do you learn advanced techniques, but you also allow a teacher to do the same and toimpact tens, hundreds, even thousands of young people around the world.


All our trainers have an exemplary continuing education commitment, to constantly stay on top of what exists.

At the Source

We offer the official trainings at the source of our approaches, such as Richard Bandler's NLP, Tony Buzan's learning techniques, Tim Gallwey's Inner Game, etc.

Follow Up

After each long training, we stay for several years in the Whatsapp groups of the participants, to answer questions.


A training's goal is before anything else to make you live an experience. It is a personal transformation medium.

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