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Expert in NLP and Hypnosis

Tina Taylor is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP, co Founder of NLPMasterClass Limited, the Secret Agent of Change Membership Group as well as the International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy.
Within the college, ICCH, she acquired accreditation for her Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Her course being the perfect match of modern psychological and hypnotherapeutic methodologies with the latest evolution of Neuro Linguistic Programming from Dr Richard Bandler.
Therapeutically, Tina has a particular flair for enabling her clients to achieve their goals using a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Design Human Engineering. She has successfully assisted couples to conceive, taught mothers to be how to have painless childbirth as well as using hypnosis and NLP to helping people overcome many other conditions. Over more than two decades in working with private clients here's very little she hasn't dealt with.
She taught her daughter how to use hypnotic anaesthesia for the birth of her two grandsons and was present at their birth. Both boys were born at home without the use or need of chemical anaesthesia.
Having achieved a painless birth when she had her own daughter many years ago, Tina is passionate about teaching this strategy to enable women around the globe to be empowered to have that natural painless birth experience.
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