Marc Rozoy

Marc Rozoy
After a commercial career in the automotive and construction sector, I chose consulting and training to help companies and their teams meet their challenges.
Human being and their amazing ability to renew themselves are at the heart of every success. I have come across many approaches that enable change in human beings generating both rapid and long lasting behavioral changes.
During my coaching training in 2014, I have discovered « The Inner Game ». It was like a revelation to me. The Inner Game is a simple, yet powerful and fun approach, elaborated by Tim Gallwey. Tim discovered “The Inner Game” by coaching top athletes in tennis and then extended it to all professional fields.
« The Inner Game » teaches you how to unleash your full potential and to undo your inner barriers, whether they are conscious or unconscious. It helps you to rediscover the true pleasure and joy of doing and learning, the sweet taste of challenges and success.
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