Joan Hoexum

Joan Hoexum

Expert in human change

Joan Hoexum is a licensed NLP trainer, coach and NLP coaching trainer and has learned from both NLP co-creators, Richard Bandler and John Grinder.
Based in the Hague, Netherlands, she conducts licensed NLP training courses in her practice in The Hague, Netherlands, as well as abroad.
Through her long career at the Netherlands Foreign ministry and Dutch embassies, she is well introduced in diplomatic and expat circles and has been awarded tenders for personal development training for the Dutch national government and local governments. She is the go-to NLP trainer for the international organizations in The Hague.
Joan is well experienced as a sports performance coach and currently works as a business executive coach and high performance coach for public professionals.
Raised bi-culturally (Dutch and Indonesian), her habitat is diverse and international.
Joan's life motto: Life is a learning school!
Joan is also licence holder of:
  • Reiss Motivation Profile®
  • Intercultural Readiness Check®
People oriented
Intercultural expert
Languages spoken fluently


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Author of the book “Tomorrow is Today – a life of worth as public professional

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