Myriam Florio

Myriam Florio
She has been involved in coaching, training and NLP for the past 20 years and since 2002, she created the Academy of Coaches, the elite of hypnotic NLP , with her life partner, Marco Valerio Ricci.
Energy, enthusiasm and involvement are the tools that Myriam uses in each Training and Coaching session, whether with her MammaCoach brand or in the residential seminars of the Académie des Coaches.
In it you can always find that load and that stimulus that will help you take a step towards your results .
Since 2015, on "Radio Proposal in Blu", she hosts the radio show "MAMMACOACH LIVE" with passion and enthusiasm.
Among other specializations of Myriam stand out:
  • Licensed NLP trainer (™)
  • Licensed NLP Coach (™)
  • Advanced NLP Licensed Master Practitioner (™)
  • Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning NHR (™)
  • Reiss Motivation Profile Trainer ®
Languages spoken fluently


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