Serge Dilleens

Serge Dilleens
Psychoanalyst and mediator approved in social matters and public service, member of the Defense since 1986 where he trains and coaches the network of people of trust and mediator military and federal public service, he is a trainer in communication and technique of command aptitude . Serge has developed a coaching activity in conflict management, through personal development, communication and leadership in crisis situations...
Expert in conflict management (internal to the individual and in his relationship to others or to the group), he is passionate about philosophy , neuroscience , sport and people . Born in Africa and settled there for 20 years, his multicultural approach is based on emotion, stress management, motivation and action. Experience developed in the training and support of military mediators in crisis zones, in the world of business in turmoil or professional sport in turbulence. Relaxation, Optimization of Potential (TOP) and NLP techniques are an integral part of his posture, attitude and strategies.
Fascinated by Human
Member of the Belgian Defense
Languages spoken fluently


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