Dorine Krieg

Dorine Krieg Javois Richardson
Practitioner and coach in hypnosis, it is since 2013 that Dorine exercises in Switzerland in Châtel-St-Denis in her office with both adults and children. She collaborates with general practitioners , pediatricians and other health professionals from the Riviera Vaudoise and the canton of Fribourg.
You will have the opportunity to train in self-hypnosis , hypno-analgia , memorization techniques and NLP .
She divides her professional world between practicing hypnosis and screening for osteoporosis with a team of health professionals . By being in frequent contact with people suffering from great pain, Dorine decides to certify herself in hypno-analgia . Being in contact with the medical profession, it became important to him to be able to give the opportunity to these professionals to be able to train in techniques of analgesia and conversational hypnosis . These approaches seem to him to be essential in the world of care.
Little knowledge can greatly improve the well-being of patients.
In order to better help her patients, she also trained in 2015 as a practitioner in FasterEFT (rapid transformation of emotions) with Robert Smith and as a trainer in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) with Dr. Richard Bandler
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