Miriam Groß-Deforth

Miriam Gross-Deforth
Miriam has been working as a lecturer and trainer since 2001. After studying Theater, Film and Media Sciences, she presented programs on public television in Germany (ARD) and taught at the Academy for Radio and Stage Speakers at ZDF in Mainz.
In 2008 Miriam switched to sales and since then has been one of the few women selling live in German and international teleshopping. The power woman launched her own cosmetics line at Homeshopping Europe in Munich in 2020.
Miriam is also a Licensed NLP Trainer since 2017 and a Licensed NLP Coach Trainer of the International Society of NLP, certified Communication Trainer and Sales Coach since 2019. Her customers include pharmaceutical companies, well-known energy companies, sales departments of banks and insurers, as well as young startups and their sales force.
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