Malika Rabyi

Malika Rabyi

In the heart of the Defense

Member of the Defense since 1991.
It contributes to the development of new approaches to Defense: Mindfulness, Potential Optimization Techniques (B-TOP) and Cardiac Coherence. She is a Trainer for these approaches.
Malika is trained in Mental Coaching, NLP, in energy care. It develops in personal development and offers activities and support to help people move forward on the path to well-being, health and healing.

A personal journey

She has a personal journey that led her to become interested in personal development and healing, how to find balance and harmony . She is interested in the holistic approach to healing by acting on the hygiene of life, the emotional and psychological aspects, the understanding of its functioning and its mechanisms, its limitations. She created an association to support people in remission or recovering from serious illness to move forward on their path to recovery.
Languages spoken fluently


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