David O’Hare

David O'Hare

David O’Hare, Physician

David O'Hare has been a physician for forty years. He studied in Marseilles where he obtained his doctorate degree in medicine . He devoted himself to general medicine for thirty years, in Marseilles and then in Nîmes, in the south of France.
Passionate about people and the close relationship between the body , thought and emotions , he has always been convinced that the desynchronization of this relationship is at the origin of most of the pathologies he has encountered during his career. . To deepen his knowledge of these relationships he studied cognitive and behavioral psychology at the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier and obtained his university degree.
Always aware of the tight link between psyche and pathologies of the physiology of regulation, he studied medical dietetics at the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier and nutrition at that of Rennes in Brittany.
Aeronautics being one of his childhood passions, he is a licensed airplane pilot, a former medical expert with civil aviation in Languedoc Roussillon, he also graduated in aeronautical and space medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of Toulouse.
In 2006, after thirty years of liberal practice in general and functional medicine, David O'Hare devoted himself to writing and teaching full time.

David O'Hare, Teacher

David O'Hare has been teaching Heart Coherence to health, care, wellness, support and coaching professionals for ten years, he is the author and leader of workshops regularly offered in Quebec , in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.
David O'Hare created the concept and content of the Integrative Cardiac Coherence training which has become a recognized reference in professional Cardiac Coherence training.
Following a growing and geographically dispersed demand, David O'Hare created the first professional Cardiac Coherence training in 2014. This was a great success immediately, the opinions and comments are unanimously favorable.
Following the growing interest in Professional Cardiac Coherence, David O'Hare has created complementary modules devoted to specific subjects as well as training specific to certain particular professions .
To carry out the online training in Professional Cardiac Coherence, David O'Hare surrounded himself with a team of specialists from various backgrounds.

David O’Hare, Author

He has published seven books devoted largely to Cardiac Coherence and intended for the general public, one of them: 365 Cardiac Coherence being a bestseller since its publication. This book has been named "one of the 35 essential books for health" by the Magazine l'Express, David O'Hare's 365 method is also proposed at the first place of the ten anti-stress recommendations of the French Federation of Cardiology.
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